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  Our services  

​Religious services

  • Prayers (daily prayers, Friday prayers, festive prayers, funeral prayers ...)

  • Islamic religious education

  • Deepening Quran Recitation (Hafiz Courses)

  • Ascension of Holy Nights (Kandil)

  • Islamic wedding ceremonies

  • Islamic pastoral care

  • Fasting together in the month of Ramadan

Social and culturel services

  • Homework help and tutoring

  • Parents café

  • Friendship celebrations (twice a year)

  • Activities with Haus Setterich and participation in the Haus Setterich festival

  • Participation in the district festival

  • Lectures and seminars

  • Trips

Guided visits

Encounters and getting to know each other strengthen the cohesion of our society.


Our house is open to everyone. We offer guided visits of our mosque:

  • Individual visits

  • Group visits


Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment, preferably by email.

 Support our work.

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