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Emergency aid: Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria

On 06.02.2023 there were severe earthquakes in southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria, which caused devastating damage. People in Germany and around the world quickly joined forces to provide aid of any kind.

We mourn the people who lost their lives in this disaster, we hope and pray that the survivors will be rescued quickly, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery. A big thank you goes to all the helpers who are working on the ground and to all the supporters who are sending aid from all over the world.

Both the buried and injured as well as aid workers urgently need our help now. Especially financial help is most needed at the moment, as it can be used quickly and according to the needs.

You too can help and donate today!

We recommend you the trustworthy organization ILA Europe e.V. Link:

Alternatively, you can find the bank details of ILA Europe e.V. here:

Account holder:

International Liability Association Europe e.V.


DE27 4306 0967 6028 5837 00



You can also donate via PayPal to:

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